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One Park Drive offers a wide number of facilities for budding businesses to make use of. Many of these are communal, which is great for new startups that are looking to save on initial investments. By not having to worry about your own individual reception desk or meeting rooms, you’re able to save money and space.

The seventh floor is where a lot of the main office facilities can be found. There are a number of meeting and function rooms located on this floor, all of which can be hired out at any time by any of the businesses within the block. These spacious rooms are kitted out with everything you will need to hold a meeting, be it a weekly team meeting or a multinational teleconference. The seventh floor is also home to a communal cafeteria, again open to any of the businesses within the block. This feature is fully staffed so all you need to worry about is whether you’ll have the chicken soup or a wrap!

Open decking on both the seventh floor and the rooftop offer a breath of fresh air and a beautiful view across the city, enabling you and your staff to take five easily and conveniently whenever the need arises.

Each floor is equipped with both male and female bathrooms for communal use among all the businesses on that floor. The larger units also have provisions for private washrooms, as well as a wet and dry pantry. Again, the communal areas will be cleaned by in house staff, ticking off one more thing you don’t need to worry about.

The ground floor is home to the fully staffed reception desk, pointing your visitors in the right direction. Here the elevator lobby can also be found, and with six elevators you’ll be able to quickly arrive at your office no matter the hour.

Finally, there are a number of retail units on the ground floor, offering shopping, food, drink and even banking. So if you need to run down for a newspaper, or a quick coffee, it’s all on your doorstep.

  • Commercial Area at the 1st Floor
  • Viewing Deck at the Rooftop
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